Meet The Team

Jamie Greenwood

Managing Director

Jamie started his working life as a designer and estimator for a shop fitting company in Leeds; he quickly worked his way through the company and at the age of 27 headed-up a MBO (Management Buy Out) in 1998. The business under Jamie's stewardship expanded both organically and through acquisition, developing into a large and diverse group ultimately part of the Ventures UK family. Current group members are NJL Yorkline, NJL Custodial, NJL Secure, Yorkline and Regal Rest.

Despite having diverse commercial and philanthropic interests Jamie continues to be hand’s on within the business. With the support of an exceptional management team, in 2012 NJL Custodial expanded to incorporate NJL Secure, a division with the specific purpose of designing and manufacturing specialist furniture and equipment for hospitals throughout Europe.

"NJL Secure has a fantastic team and following the success of NJL Custodial, NJL Secure will undoubtedly become the best specialist furniture and equipment supplier to hospitals.”

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Trevor Howells

Operations Director

With 28 successful years in manufacturing behind him, Trevor brings his vast expertise and experience to NJL Secure. After reorganising and reinvigorating the Newcastle based manufacturing plant three years ago, he continues to hone and shape the operations department ensuring we give our customers a well managed product and fit out from start to finish.

Trevor is looking forward to managing the successful production of our new Bamburgh furniture range and the opportunities that it will bring.  

"The continued success of our group of companies will allow NJL Secure to develop along with the new Bamburgh range of furniture.  These are growth times for our business!”

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Simon Taylor

Business Development Manager

Simon graduated in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies and has over 15 years of Business Development experience behind him.  Initially working in the highly competitive recruitment industry he went on to start and run his own construction recruitment business for over 4 years.

Simon joined NJL in 2009 to modernise the Business Development and Sales approach for the Custodial market and develop this business into other markets.   Working initially with UK Police Authorities and Mental Health Trusts Simon's proactive approach has secured many key projects within these sectors. NJL Custodial is now the key supplier of custodial furniture and equipment to Police Forces along with being the leading supplier of Safer Cell Furniture to the Prison Service.  

As direct result of widening the markets we deal with, NJL Secure has now been developed to deal directly with the Mental Health clients and other non custodial clients that need robust safe and secure products.  

In addition to securing new business for NJL Custodial Simon has introduced a modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database, new marketing collateral and new websites.

He now heads up the Business Development for NJL Custodial and NJL Secure and is determined to continue its rapid growth cementing their place as the leading supplier of safe and secure furniture and equipment in the UK and overseas.

"I am delighted with the progress we have made over the past 3 years culminating in the development of NJL Secure.   We look forward to talking to and visiting many more clients and establishing ourselves as the leading supplier of safe and secure furniture in the UK."

Contact Simon on 0845 450 5904 or email him


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